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Social and Cultural Life

Kocaeli hosts a thriving cultural and artistic scene, as befits any contemporary city, with cinemas, theatres, artistic communities, and the cultural publications of the local press.The venues listed below combine to offer a variety of events such as plays,exhibitions, concerts, and national and international conferences:

In addition, restaurants, fast-food eateries and cinemas are variously located in the 6 shopping centres listed below:

The main city cinemas are as follows:

Kocaeli also offers numerous facilities for the following sporting activities: archery, hunting, athletics, basketball, cycling, boxing, ice-sports, riding, badminton, mountaineering, football, wrestling, skiing, canoeing, table-tennis, motor-sports, water-sports, volleyball, yachting and swimming. Here is a numerical breakdown of the region’s facilities:

Despite its relatively small size, Kocaeli with its beaches, plains and historical sites can develop its tourism alongside its industry. To this end, a number of areas cater for a variety of sporting activities: mountaineering on Ballıkayalar and Kartepe, with trekking there and at Yuvacık; water-sports at Sapanca Lake, Kerpe, Kefken and Seyrek (eg: water-skiing and motor-ski); motor-cross and dirt-biking and Maşükiye and Körfez.