List of Papers

In alphabetical order



Akyüz, H. I. & Yuksel, A & Bingul, Z.
Modeling and Control of A Rigid-Link Flexible Joint Robot Manipulator

Ayçiçek, E. & Darcin, N. & Aydın, M. A.
Solar Powered Vehicle Design

Aydın, Ö. Y. & Leblebicioğlu, M. K.
Single Step optimal Control Of The Half Circular Legged Monopod


Bartsch, T. & Biesenbach, R. & Koch, A. & Weinert, A.
Analysis of State of the Art in Remote Control Applied on a KUKA KRC2 Robot Control

Bernstein, T. & Kittler, K. & Hübner H. W.

Bretfeld, L. & Rohkämper, S. & Hain, C. & Pautzke F.
Thermal Management of Electric Vehicles

Březina, T. & Lohöfener M.
Experience with International Students' Project Work in Model Based Design

Buchta, B. & Liu-Henke, X.
Model-Based Design of the Steer-By-Wire Modules for an electric Vehicle with All-Wheel Steering

Burnei, Gh. & Gavriliu, S. & Lata, I. & Lung, I. & Moldavanu, A.
Polimodular Mechatronic Orthotic System for Recovery of Lower Limbs in Paediatric Orthopaedics

Büddefeld, J. & Klauth, P. & Renner, J. & Stebani, S. & Mell, W.-D.
Development of an autonomous tracking assistance system for aerial and water vehicles


Casciati, F. & Casciati, S. & Chen, Z. & Yıldırım, U.
Removing Analog Llinks In Structural Control

Consbruch, J. & Klauth, P. & Büddefeld J.
Development of an automated legionella detection system -A student project


Dederichs-Koch, A.
Robotics as a flexible tool for Problem-based Learning

Demir, Y. & Oguzhan Ocak, O. & Aydın, M.
No-Load Analysis of Permanent Magmet AC Servomotors- A Comparative Study

Dorsch, V.
Estimation of Velocity and Side Slip Angle for a S[2]tability Control Algorithm of a Vehicle Simulation Model

Dudziak, R.
Internationalization of Mechatronics Engineering Study Courses – Experiences with China, Korea and Singapore


Engels, E. & Krauskopf, S.
Innovation In Motion-Logic Programming – A Versatile Interface

Erden, Z. & Erden, A.
An Incremental Approach To Teach Mechatronics Desıgn at the Sophmore Level of Mechatronics Engineering Education

Ertunç, H. M. & Ocak, H. & Merdoğlu, M. & Bayram, S. & Çavuş, M.
Vibration Analysis based Localized Bearing Fault Diagnosis under Different Load Conditions


Fenercioğlu, A. & Soyaslan, M. & Közkurt, C.
Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) Based On Cartesian Robot For Liquid Food Industry


Gheorghe, G. I. & Istriţeanu, S. & Bratu, V. & Despa, V.
The Science Of "Micronanomechatronics" Integrated In Research

Gheorghe, I. G. & Bratu, V. & Istrenau, S. & Despa, V. & Cârstoiu, A.
New Concepts and Solutions of "Micro-Nano-Mechatronics and Micro-Nano-Integronics" Applied in Intelligent Measurement Technique and in the Future Development of the Automotive Industry"

Gheorghe, G. I. & Istriţeanu, S. & Bratu, V. & Despa, V.
The Innovative Vectors "Mechatronics and Integronics" In Education, Training adn Viabilty On The Labour Market

Gonot, N. & Leiser, M. & Neveu, S. & Pouget, V.
Vision and Known Object Tracking on a Low-end FPGA-Based Platform: Ball Retriever Project


Hahn, M.
Blended-Learning in Teaching Model-Based Design of Mechatronic Systems

Heidingsfelder, P. & Gao, J. & Ott, P.
Confocal Microscopy with structured illumination And Increased Depth Of Focus

Hellwig, M. & Skolik, K. & Rohkämper, S.
"Hands on hybrids" Practical education At The University Of Applied Sciences Bochum


Kaufmann, M.
Development of an Assembly Machine Control Using New Algorithms for the Verification of Functional Consistency

Kia , M. & Taherkhani , R. & Razzaghi, K.
Substantial Stabilization of Quadrotor Aircraft, Using Flywheels

Krabbes, M. & Schlücker, R.& Zimmer, P
Realtime Simulation based Control Development of Machine Tool Controls


Mersin, E. & Öztürk, S. & Erdil, A.
The Determination of Pıd Coefficients being at Dead-time Systems at Real-time

Meyer, D.
On the Impact of Software Architecture for Mechatronic Systems


Nastase-Dan, C. & Gheorghe, G. I. & Moldovanu, A.
Techology For The Implementation Of Rapid Prototyping In Mechatronics

Nguyen, N. & Kadima, H.
Parametric Analysis of Mechatronic System Performance using SysML models: a case study

Noskievič, P.
Advanced Control of the Hydraulic Asymmetric Actuator


Ocak, O. & Aydın, M.
Rotor Segmentation for Spoke Type Interior Permanent Magnet Servomotors


Pautzke, F. & Henneke, S. & Kolf, C.
Directions and Standards for electric Vehicles

Peters, N & Roskam, R. & Haevescher, R.
Magnetorheological fluid brake in an haptic-device

Pohl, M.
Development of x-By-Wire Algorithms for Chassis Control


Quantmeyer, F. & Liu-Henke, X.
Model Based Design of a Vehicle-Trailer Combination Stabilization


Righettini, P. & Strada, R. & Oldani, A. & Ginammi, A.
Force Sensor for Haptic Devices: Design and Experimental Tests

Righettini, P. & Strada, R. & Oldani, A. & Ginammi, A.
Mechatronic Design of a Test bench for Step Motor Drives and Preliminary Tests

Righettini, P. & Oldani, A. & Strada, R. & Ginammi, A.
On the Development of a Real-Time Application for Mechatronic Devices

Roddeck, W.
Object Oriented Modelling And Simulation of Mechatronic Systems using Bond Graphs

Roskam, R.
Development of an Electrical Kart for Education of Systems Engineering In Mechatronics


Selig, M. & Shi, Z. & Ball, A. & Schmidt, K.
A Novel Diagnostic Approach for Automotive Systems Condition Monitoring

Selim, E. & Tarhan, Ü. & Akın, Ö. & Alan, İ.
Design Of A FPGA Controller For A Robotic Arm

Souliman, A. & Joukhadar, A.
Mobile Robot-Based Motion Control and Intelligent Collision Avoidance

Stebner, E. G. & Hartwig, C.
Cogging Torque Simulation Focused On Automated Preprocessing

Stevens, A. & Stentenbach, J.
Field Oriented sensorless control of traction machines


Tafur, J. C. & Garcia, C. & Aracil, R. & Saltaren R.
Real-Time Bilateral Control of a Nonlinear Teleoperation System

Tarçın, S. & Özütemiz, K. B. & Koku, A. B. & Konukseven, E. İ.
Comparıson of Kinect and Bumblebee2 in Indoor Environments

Tavsel, O. & Gürün, Ş.
Automatıon Solutions for Human Labor Intensive tasks in wiring harness manufacture

Tjus, M. & Berg, M. & Stentenbach, N.
Impedance Spectroscopy as a Battery State Of Health Indicator

Toz, M. & Küçük, S.
A Type Synthesis Analysis For generalized Stewart Platforms

Turan, M. & Erdil, A.
Car and Truck Tires Control Area Automation


Voicu, M.-C. & Hillbrand, H.-H. & Schmidt, R. & Lammen, B.
Design of an Active Vibration Control for a Roller System


Zadeh M.H. G. & İrfanoğlu, B.& Arıkan, K. B.
Implementation Of Walking Gaits On Robot Walking Test Bench: Use Of Central Pattern Generators