Session 1A - New Technologies, Courses and Teaching Methods in Mechatronics

Internationalization of Mechatronics Engineering Study Courses – Experiences with China, Korea and Singapore
Dudziak, R.

The Science Of "Micronanomechatronics" Integrated In Research
Gheorghe, G. I. & Istriţeanu, S. & Bratu, V. & Despa, V.

An Incremental Approach To Teach Mechatronics Design at the Sophomore Level of Mechatronics Engineering Education
Erden, Z. & Erden, A.

Experience with International Students' Project Work in Model Based Design
Březina, T. & Lohöfener M.

On the Impact of Software Architecture for Mechatronic Systems
Meyer, D.

Blended-Learning in Teaching Model-Based Design of Mechatronic Systems
Hahn, M.

Session 1B - Projects in Mechatronics

Force Sensor for Haptic Devices: Design and Experimental Tests
Righettini, P. & Strada, R. & Oldani, A. & Ginammi, A.

Implementation Of Walking Gaits On Robot Walking Test Bench: Use Of Central Pattern Generators
Zadeh, M.H. G. & İrfanoğlu, B. & Arıkan, K. B.

Techology for the Implementation Of Rapid Prototyping In Mechatronics
Nastase-Dan, C. & Gheorghe, G. I. & Moldovanu, A.

Development of an automated legionella detection system -A student project
Consbruch, J. & Klauth, P. & Büddefeld J.

Design of a FPGA Controller for a Robotic Arm
Selim, E. & Tarhan, Ü. & Akın, Ö. & Alan, İ.

Development of x-By-Wire Algorithms for Chassis Control
Pohl, M.

Session 2A - Industrial Applications of Mechatronics, Medicine and Robotics

Confocal Microscopy with Structured illumination and Increased Depth Of Focus
Heidingsfelder, P. & Gao, J. & Ott, P.

Modeling and Control of A Rigid-Link Flexible Joint Robot Manipulator
Akyüz, H. I. & Yuksel, A & Bingul, Z.

A Type Synthesis Analysis For Generalized Stewart Platforms
Toz, M. & Küçük, S.

Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) Based On Cartesian Robot For Liquid Food Industry
Fenercioğlu, A. & Soyaslan, M. & Közkurt, C.

Polimodular Mechatronic Orthotic System for Recovery of Lower Limbs in Paediatric Orthopaedics
Burnei, Gh. & Gavriliu, S. & Lata, I. & Lung, I. & Moldavanu, A.

Automation Solutions for Human Labor Intensive tasks in wiring harness manufacture
Tavsel, O. & Gürün, Ş.

Impedance Spectroscopy as a Battery State Of Health Indicator
Tjus, M. & Berg, M. & Stentenbach, N.

Session 2B - Automotive Industry

Magnetorheological Fluid Brake in an Haptic-device
Peters, N & Roskam, R. & Haevescher, R.

Thermal Management of Electric Vehicles
Bretfeld, L. & Rohkämper, S. & Hain, C. & Pautzke F.

Directions and Standards for Electric Vehicles
Pautzke, F. & Henneke, S. & Kolf, C.

Model-Based Design of the Steer-By-Wire Modules for an electric Vehicle with All-Wheel Steering
Buchta, B. & Liu-Henke, X.

Car and Truck Tires Control Area Automation
Turan, M. & Erdil, A.

Development of an Autonomous Tracking Assistance System For Aerial and Water Vehicles
Büddefeld, J. & Klauth, P. & Renner, J. & Stebani, S. & Mell, W.-D.

A Novel Diagnostic Approach for Automotive Systems Condition Monitoring
Selig, M. & Shi, Z. & Ball, A. & Schmidt, K.

Session 3A- Projects in Mechatronics, Robotics

Cogging Torque Simulation Focused On Automated Preprocessing
Stebner, E. G. & Hartwig, C.

Parametric Analysis of Mechatronic System Performance using SysML models: a case study
Nguyen, N. & Kadima, H.

Analysis of State of the Art in Remote Control Applied on a KUKA KRC2 Robot Control
Bartsch, T. & Biesenbach, R. & Koch, A. & Weinert, A.

Single Step Optimal Control Of The Half Circular Legged Monopod
Aydın, Ö. Y. & Leblebicioğlu, M. K.

Mobile Robot-Based Motion Control and Intelligent Collision Avoidance
Souliman, A. & Joukhadar, A.

Estimation of Velocity and Side Slip Angle for a S[2]tability Control Algorithm of a Vehicle Simulation Model
Dorsch, V.

Session 3B- New Technologies and Projects in Mechatronics

Realtime Simulation Based Control Development of Machine Tool Controls
Krabbes, M. & Schlücker, R. & Zimmer, P

New Concepts and Solutions of "Micro-Nano-Mechatronics and Micro-Nano-Integronics" Applied in Intelligent Measurement Technique and in the Future Development of the Automotive Industry
Gheorghe, I. G. & Bratu, V. & Istrenau, S. & Despa, V. & Cârstoiu, A.

Solar Powered Vehicle Design
Ayçiçek, E. & Darcin, N. & Aydın, M. A.

"Hands on hybrids" Practical education At The University Of Applied Sciences
Hellwig, M. & Skolik, K. & Rohkämper, S.

Development of an Electrical Kart for Education of Systems Engineering In Mechatronics
Roskam, R.

On the Development of a Real-Time Application for Mechatronic Devices
Righettini, P. & Oldani, A. & Strada, R. & Ginammi, A.

Session 4A- New Technologies and Projects in Mechatronics and Robotics

The Innovative Vectors "Mechatronics and Integronics" In Education, Training and
Gheorghe, G. I. & Istriţeanu, S. & Bratu, V. & Despa, V.

Bernstein, T. & Kittler, K. & Hübner H. W.

Object Oriented Modelling And Simulation of Mechatronic Systems using Bond Graphs
Roddeck, W.

Innovation In Motion-Logic Programming – A Versatile Interface
Engels, E. & Krauskopf, S.

Robotics As a Flexible Tool for Problem-based Learning
Dederichs-Koch, A.

The Determination of PID Coefficients being at Dead-time Systems at Real-time
Mersin, E. & Öztürk, S. & Erdil, A.

Session 4B- Mechatronics Components and Systems

Vision and Known Object Tracking on a Low-end FPGA-Based Platform: Ball Retriever Project
Gonot, N. & Leiser, M. & Neveu, S. & Pouget, V.

Vibration Analysis based Localized Bearing Fault Diagnosis under Different Load Conditions
Ertunç, H. M. & Ocak, H. & Merdoğlu, M. & Bayram, S. & Çavuş, M.

Field Oriented Sensorless Control of Traction Machines
Stevens, A. & Stentenbach, J.

Rotor Segmentation for Spoke Type Interior Permanent Magnet Servomotors
Ocak, O. & Aydın, M.

Comparison of Kinect and Bumblebee2 in Indoor Environments
Tarçın, S. & Özütemiz, K. B. & Koku, A. B. & Konukseven, E. İ.

Real-Time Bilateral Control of a Nonlinear Teleoperation System
Tafur, J. C. & Garcia, C. & Aracil, R. & Saltaren R.

Session 5A- Mechatronic System Design

Design of an Active Vibration Control for a Roller System
Voicu, M.-C. & Hillbrand, H.-H. & Schmidt, R. & Lammen, B.

Removing Analog Links In Structural Control
Casciati, F. & Casciati, S. & Chen, Z. & Yıldırım, U.

Mechatronic Design of a Test bench for Step Motor Drives and Preliminary Tests
Righettini, P. & Strada, R. & Oldani, A. & Ginammi, A.

Model Based Design of a Vehicle-Trailer Combination Stabilization
Quantmeyer, F. & Liu-Henke, X.

Session 5B- Mechatronics Components and Systems

Advanced Control of the Hydraulic Asymmetric Actuator
Noskievič, P.

No-Load Analysis of Permanent Magmet AC Servomotors- A Comparative Study
Demir, Y. & Oguzhan Ocak, O. & Aydın, M.

Development of an Assembly Machine Control Using New Algorithms for the Verification of Functional Consistency
Kaufmann, M.

Substantial Stabilization of Quadrotor Aircraft, Using Flywheels
Kia , M. & Taherkhani , R. & Razzaghi, K.